What To Expect From your Manor Agent

When you sit down with your Agent, you can expect to cover an entire list of items, here is brief overview:

1. Signing a Contract - this happens first, as your agent will explain regarding all of the legalities involved in hiring an agent to sell your house.
2. Marketing:

A. Setting the Perfect Price - and determining which factors will shape that decision.

B. The Marketing Strategy - When to list, what to highlight, what needs to be fixed before the first showing - all of these will be components of the Big Picture Marketing Strategy.

C. Identifying the Perfect Buyer - Just what we list consumer profile. Perhaps your house is suited for a retired couple, a single young professional or maybe an investor who is looking to rent it out. Manor Agents are equipped to analyze and target the ideal customer.

D. Networking - Before your listing even hits the market, your Agent will get in touch with his or her vast network of colleagues and associates, talking up all 

E. Pictures - When you sign a contract with a Manor Agent, part of your package includes staging pictures for showcasing your property on the MLS website, in Real Estate listing newspapers and even on the local Real Estate cable channel. Your house will be everywhere!

F. Showing Strategy - Showings by appointment or Open Houses or a mix of both? Your agent will walk you through the pros and cons and explain to you why he or she as chosen a certain path to guide you to the sale of your house and towards your new purchase.