Make that First Phone Call

Selling a home is a dramatically different process than buying a property. Whereas Manor recommends doing some research first before you start house hunting, when it's time to sell, call us first.

We'll setup an in-home meeting with you, review all the features and benefits your home has to offer, give you a snapshot of the local real estate market and even set you up with some useful resources - such as a handy man or cleaning service.

After you've booked your appointment, it's time to clean the house. It's worthwhile to invest in a professional cleaning service for this one-time cleaning so that when you and your agent meet, the focus is on the key selling points and not on any housekeeping work that may need to be done. Meeting with your Manor Agent will also help you dissociate with your home - you'll be able to look at it like a product and to let go of the emotions you have tied to this house.