Next Steps — The Critical Path to your Real Estate Success:

These questions may feel overwhelming at first but there is good news! By using the tools provided on this website, the answers are all available to you right now. When it’s time to move on to the next steps, you’ll have everything you need to:

1) Have a first meeting with your Manor Agent.

2) Setup visits to great properties selected just for you ~ chosen to maximize your investment dollars!

3) Work with your Manor Agent to craft a competitive, fair and attractive offer for someone selling their property.

4) Finish everything off with a firm handshake and all the paperwork that comes with closing the purchase of your new home.

Access Manor Realty's toolbox, containing calculators and resources to help you find all your magic numbers along the way. Once you've built your profile using the Profile Builder tool, contact any Manor Agent of your choice and share your profile information with him/her. He or she will then follow up with you to start the conversation and begin the journey to building your Real Estate Investment Portfolio.